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18+ Josefin Ljungman - Behind Blue Skies

Discussion in 'Explicit scenes in mainstream cinema' started by CzarnoCzarno, May 9, 2012.

  1. CzarnoCzarno

    CzarnoCzarno Member

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  3. Nils

    Nils New Member

    It isn't Josefin who plays a different character. I think her name is Therese Andersson.

  4. CzarnoCzarno

    CzarnoCzarno Member

    No brother, I think I am not wrong - see - here is her photo - her name is Josefin Sofia Isabelle Ljungman and she plays character named Jenny in this movie.
    She was born 1981-12-26 in Göteborg.
  5. Nils

    Nils New Member

    Well, "Sister" you have right... The picture is Josefin Ljungman and she plays Jenny in the movie.
    But... Have you seen the hole movie? Do you understand Swedish?
    This scene is just in the beginning of the movie and it's the character 'Lisa' who starts to blow Bill Skarsgard´s character 'Martin'. Then she went abroad and later on 'Martin' finds 'Jenny' and so on...
    And IMDb says that 'Lisa' is played by Therese Andersson.
    I can also admit to you that Therese and Josefin are similar to eash other.

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  6. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Yes they both are and now I am rather quite confused because after having watched Fatso again last night both tits and ass would appear to favor each other perfectly but in any case whichever one of them did the blowjob is definitely fine by me only wished that it had lasted a bit longer with a very nice surprise at the end :)
  7. Sledge

    Sledge New Member

    any rapidshare link to download the complete movie people??
  8. Paduano79

    Paduano79 Active Member

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