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Explicit on Stage

Discussion in 'Naked on stage' started by sowbb, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    Thanks! I love your thread sowbb but why do even those files that are just single 7z archives still have the ".001" extension?
    Celebs Roulette Tube
  2. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    To greatly simplify the clip preparation process I created a batch file that generates the image preview and compress the file.
    The compression is done via the command line, and I added a switch that split the archive to 100mb parts. I did this for easier recovery from download errors and because most file hosts have an upload size limit. Zippyshare can take up to 200mb per file, but many hosts limit this to 100mb and I wanted the possibility to switch hosts if needed. A side effect of the command line switch is that it adds the ".001" even when unnecessary, but 7zip can still easily open it.

    TL;DR: I got lazy and this side-effect is not worth the time and effort to fix IMHO :D.
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  3. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    It's time for some Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll! I'd say the sex is pretty obvious, the drugs are highly probable and Rock'n'Roll is pretty much the default type of music that goes with sex and drugs...

    I'll start with the sketchier ones.
    I don't know much about the first clip but I'm pretty sure it's straight-up pr0n. The only question is whether it was recorded at an actual concert or was the whole thing staged? I'll let you decide.

    Project Sneak Smells Like Groupie Pussy CFNM live show.7z.001
    Project Sneak Smells Like Groupie Pussy CFNM live show.7z.002

    I'm pretty sure the second clip is from an actual concert, but I have no real info on that either.

    S.A.D - TORTURE GARDEN, LONDON in NOS Naked On Stage on Vime.7z.001

    The next one is from a Russian band called Corrosiya Metalla (SP?) which is known for it's nudity on stage. There are lots of clips of this band circulating around the net, but this is the only explicit(-ish) clip I could find.


    The following group of clips are from the organization known as "Fuck for Forest". Basically it's a group of hippies that decided that the best way to heal mother earth is by creating pr0n and using the revenues for funds. Not exactly music related except that they came to notoriety by having real live sex on stage during a performance of a band called "The Cum-shots" (yep...) and with the band's approval. This is pictured in the first clip.
    The second clip is a live sex performance at the KitKatClub (some famous German fetish sex club?), the third is a nudity excerpt from a 2012 documentary about them (also posted in the requests forum by friend), and the fourth is the full documentary.

    422542_Fuck For Forest at a concert by The Cumshots_240p.7z.001

    Fuck for Forest at the KitKatClub.7z.001
    Fuck for Forest at the KitKatClub.7z.002

    Fuck for Forest nude scenes Celebs Roulette Tube.7z.001


    The previous to last clip is a full documentary about the band Rockbitch. The band, which is no longer active (?), was known for performing a multitude of of explicit sex acts on stage during their concerts, culminating in throwing a golden condom into the audience - whoever caught it got to have actual sex with the band backstage... The documentary itself is mostly footage from a live performance(s) interrupted occasionally by interviews with the band. The action is quite explicit and includes live fisting and a facial golden shower on the lead singer.
    I may have some more of Rockbitch, but I currently seem to have misplaced it. If I'll find it I'll post it.


    Finally, another band known for it's wild sex acts on stage was the Impotent Sea Snakes. I have one full live show, a couple of clips and some BTS\interviews. Unfortunately, I don't have the truly explicit stuff as evident by the promo clip. Any fills would be appreciated...
    Warning: some disturbing use of needles!

    The Impotent Sea Snakes Promo Video (480p).7z.001

    The Impotent Sea Snakes; Interviewed by D-D-D-Danny (480p).7z.001

    Fist Fucking My Mother (Live) - The Impotent Sea Snakes (480p).7z.001

    Impotent Sea Snakes_ Live in Wacken Germany (2005) (480p).7z.001
    Impotent Sea Snakes_ Live in Wacken Germany (2005) (480p).7z.002
    Impotent Sea Snakes_ Live in Wacken Germany (2005) (480p).7z.003
    Impotent Sea Snakes_ Live in Wacken Germany (2005) (480p).7z.004
    Impotent Sea Snakes_ Live in Wacken Germany (2005) (480p).7z.005
  4. Warfighter02

    Warfighter02 New Member

    While not exactly my cup of tea, kudos to your efforts nonetheless!

    That aside, I remember watching a (sorta) bts video of a theatre group of what I believe were students from a college in San Francisco rehearsing scenes in a studio of sorts. They were a number of people around walking about etc while a guy and a (quite) hot girl got naked and started simulating sex. There weren't any penetrations, but the guy sported a clear erection and several times the girl straddled him resting her clit on his rock-hard member. Iirc, the director was this guy on a wheelchair, suffering some sort of disability abd going by the name of Frank Moore (iirc).
  5. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    Thanks for the heads-up. I was already aware of Frank Moore's Vimeo channel. It contains a huge collection (nearly 600) of his performances.
    A while ago I started to batch download them for their explicit goodness. I soon gave up because they where huge, extremely long and not really explicit. Don't get me wrong - there is definitely unsimulated sex going on there, but the way it was shot (plus the bad quality camera) it's nearly impossible to see anything interesting.
    The only truly explicit thing I've seen of him is him getting a flaccid BJ from another male performer. Add to that the fact that he was drooling in his wheel chair and treated like a baby, and you get a disturbing visage that I don't think anyone here would appreciate... Also I have no idea if I still have the clip nor where it's at.
  6. laineclarkjr

    laineclarkjr Active Member

    Yeah, I used to watch frank Moores videos on vimeo but my god they are awkward and weird...
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  7. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    Another mass of clips for your (hopefully) growing collection.

    For warm-up, the first clip is a performance called "Fuck for the heir Puppy Bear!" by Russian protest art group Voina, and with the participation of two members of the famous protest punk-rock band Pussy Riot. The story goes that Voina staged this protest \ sex-0rgy for the 2008 Russian election in the Russian Biology Museum. For more details (and some pictures!) click here or simply google it. You should be aware that one of the participating girls is heavily pregnant!


    The second clip is a piece of performance art called Penetrados. Inspired by a Japanese project that had 500 couples going at it in a single room, this 2008 (?) performance is basically a series of real couplings by real couples, where each scene has a theme (male on female, female on male, black on white...). There are scenes of male on male, so be warned! It's a rare one if you don't know what to look for.

    PENETRADOS (Full perfomance)_hd.7z.001
    PENETRADOS (Full perfomance)_hd.7z.002

    The last (large) set is a rare collection of works from the Vienna Actionists. For those who are unfamiliar with their work, the Vienna Actionists was a group of artists whose performance art consisted of "actions" - public spectacles designed to shock and disturb the audience. You might had unknowingly seen some of their work if you've watched Dusan Makavejev's "Sweet Movie" (1974) - they did the food orgy scene on the boat. Yes, the one with the explicit pen1s fondling, salami-out-of-trousers cutting and male-to-male mouth p1ssing.
    The word "disturbing" does not do their work justice. The clips contain, but not limited to: BDSM, golden showers, defecation and one particular nauseating scene in which a living goose is killed and then used as a d1ldo! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS LEVEL OF NASTINESS! SERIOUSLY!
    If you can stomach these acts, and get over the horribly low quality of the footage, this is a rare and highly explicit collection of shorts, many of them performed and filmed in front of a live audience.

    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.001
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.002
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.003
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.004
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.005
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.006
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD1.7z.007

    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.001
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.002
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.003
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.004
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.005
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.006
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 1 - CD2.7z.007

    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.001
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.002
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.003
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.004
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.005
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.006
    Muehl - Kren - Brus - Schwarzkogler -- Vienna Actionists VOL 2.7z.007
  8. laineclarkjr

    laineclarkjr Active Member

    This is some amazing content, I don't know of any besides the porn expos that sometimes have live sex on stage...
  9. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member


    No one has any new (at least to us) explicit on stage clips?
  10. cimurr

    cimurr New Member

  11. whizkido

    whizkido Member

  12. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    I do believe it's time for some good-old-fashioned



    (Is it still necroposting if I'm the original thread author and I have something new to contribute?)

    Anyway, my reason for invoking the darkest-of-all-forum-practices is my recent discovery of the full "inter(a)nal f/ear" performance by the talented Rebecca Patek. Yes, the one in which she gets anally penetrated by a d!ldo in front of an audience. With her fully hardcore self-made p0rn clip (posted on the previous page) projected on the wall behind her...
    Granted, the viewing angle is not really revealing, but this is the one instance in which we can be reasonably sure she actually did it for real:


    ineter(a)nalfear (720p).7z.001
    ineter(a)nalfear (720p).7z.002
    ineter(a)nalfear (720p).7z.003
    ineter(a)nalfear (720p).7z.004

    I would still love to get my hands on her other explicit works. Including the art-p0rn she did as Toxic Shock for the ETLE group ("The Oh Files").

    As a bonus, I also have some images from "Não Fornicarás", the Other explicit show the Os Satyros group ("Filosofia na Alkova") did. The nude sex scene (shown in the preview) was not simulated. Because Os Satyros.
    I have no videos to thumbnail, so the preview is just a single image from the folder. Some images are non-nude, some are censored, most are not.



    In general, I'm thinking about reviving this thread on a more permanent basis. I should have a few more clips I collected over the past few years. Not a lot, and I still need to find where they are, but I'll post them when I'll find them. No promises though!

    If anyone has anything to contribute here, you will be welcome. I still hope, against all odds, to someday find "Pornodrama II: Un Esquimal". Yes, I know the sequel is out ("Pornodrama 2.1" followed by "Pornodrama III"), but I read it is non-explicit unlike it's predecessor.
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  13. Warfighter02

    Warfighter02 New Member

    ^ Great addition, but I just want to note something. I downloaded the "Os Satyros" photoset and went through the nude sex scene pictures. If you observe carefully, the actor is clearly not erect. Hence I highly doubt that he was actually penetrating the actress, in other words its pretty clear the sex was simulated. That being said the actress is really beautiful! Plus she has an awesome pair as well. Are there anymore featuring the same actress (the nude curly haired brunette)?
  14. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    I might had not been clear: the scene itself is unsimulated as discussed, for example, here (Google Translate as needed). As for the images, I'm not sure about their source - they might be from a "dress" rehearsal, publicity BTS, or taken before\after the actual sex. Penetration is not shown there AFAIK, but if you look at some of the other pictures the actor does sport at least a semi-erection.

    Years ago I read a more detailed analysis of the scene. If memory serves, the actors were a couple IRL that agreed to do the scene for the Satyros anniversary (the rest of the show was simulated). I've been looking for the clip for a LONG time, but only recently did I come across this (random) bunch of pictures.

    Obviously I could be mistaken: so far I only truly have old articles and a few suggestive pictures. Our lives would be so much better if all articles about explicit sex scenes came with a detailed step-by-step clear description and preferably a high-definition well-lit VR clip of the cumsh*t digitally signed by a trustworthy notary :D
  15. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    I'm going to make an exception to, like, everything I believe in regarding this topic and post a link to a clip I know nothing about except that it comes from XHamster. The reason: IT IS AWESOME!

    Does anyone know anything about this? Is it a real performance or just some staged pr0n? Is there any more?

    For me, if it's real, this it the very epitome of what this thread is all about...
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