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Bang Gang (2015)

Discussion in 'For request' started by mammos, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. mammos

    mammos Moderator


    "16 year-old George, the high-school hottie, falls in love with Alex. To get his attention, she initiates a group game with Alex, Nikita, Laetitia and Gabriel. They will discover, test, and push the limits of their sexuality."

    We should keep an eye on this one. I don't know whether there will be anything explicit in it or not but I got a feeling it will be quite erotic...
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  3. mammos

    mammos Moderator

  4. mammos

    mammos Moderator

  5. wowa953

    wowa953 Member

    Год производства: 2015 г.
    Страна: France
    Жанр: Softcore
    Продолжительность: 01:37:49
    Язык: Французский
    Режиссер: Eva Husson
    Студия: Full House, Canal+, Orange Cinéma Séries
    В ролях: Finnegan Oldfield ... Alex
    Marilyn Lima ... George
    Lorenzo Lefèbvre ... Gabriel
    Daisy Broom ... Laetitia
    Fred Hotier ... Nikita
    Manuel Husson ... Le père de Gabriel
    Olivia Lancelot ... La mère de Gabriel
    Raphaël Porcheron ... Le père de Laetitia
    Tatiana Werner ... La mère de George
    Olivier Lefebvre ... Le père de George
    Yolande Carsin ... La prof d'espagnol
    Eva Husson ... La prof de maths
    Alexandre Perrier ... Le prof de chimie
    Gaspard-Andréas Perrier ... Le bébé
    Patricia Husson ... La mère d'Alex

    http://pornolab.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2195002 - torrent
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    Can not create an acount ,any tips?

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