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Nude Male Attention!!! Naked men and gay themed movie scenes

Discussion in 'Only Nude Male or Gay themed scenes' started by godmod, Jul 10, 2012.


Need separate partition

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. godmod

    godmod GodFather Staff Member

    Separate partition for the naked men and gay themed movie scenes (group male nudity, cfnm, jerk off, male to male etc.).​
    For example:​
    James_Ransone_kenpark_0.01.20.01.jpg S1ngle_44.jpg StoriaDiPiera_28 .jpg
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    Celebs Roulette Tube
  2. drorJs

    drorJs New Member

    the sooner people post this kind of scenes - the better ;)
  3. Lykat

    Lykat New Member

    Maybe just enough warning about the gay content in the title of the theme.
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  4. drdelete1701

    drdelete1701 New Member

    Which partition would you post SPETTERS, which is one AVI file but contains MF handjob as well as MM Circle Jerk and MM rape ??

    IDEA - maybe include types of scenes in descriptions eg. MF, FF, MM

    We can get fancy with MFF or MMF for threesomes etc.
  5. Paduano79

    Paduano79 Active Member

    I think it´s a good idea, i prefer that the one that post a gay scene or a male masturbation, warns it. Cause i don´t want to see it. Thank you.
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  6. berserk333

    berserk333 Moderator Staff Member

    All of this could have been avoided if the OP had put caps which he should have done anyway, so hopefully nothing bad will happen next time :p
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  7. elel

    elel New Member

    Thank you, fucking good! Please post more. :)
  8. justsum

    justsum Member

    Seperate or label content works for me.
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  9. redbones111

    redbones111 New Member

    I think just warning in the post (or post title) would suffice. Something like "Movie Name - [M/F; M/M]" could work. There are situations exactly like this. It wouldn't make sense to create multiple threads, it just creates confusion and clutter.

    As long as there's proper warning, it should be okay. Although I'm bi, I agree that people who don't want to see it have the right not to be surprised by it.

    Also agreed. There should be a requirement to post screenshots for anything posted (if there wasn't one already). They're easy to do and would help people to decide if something is worth downloading or not.

    ^What they said.
  10. ClintRuin

    ClintRuin New Member

    Just the big fat red label will be enough, IMO.

    Good job admins.
  11. justsum

    justsum Member

    WOW thats some RED
  12. wowa953

    wowa953 Member

    yes, yes, hot very movie sharing good
  13. BALDOK80

    BALDOK80 New Member

    Thank you, fucking good!

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