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Anticipated movies

Discussion in 'For request' started by mammos, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Hello everyone. Just to start a conversation here. Are there any anticipated or upcoming movies that anyone has heard of that will probably contain explicit sex or other explicit acts? And when I say explicit I mean good stuff such as "9 Songs", "The Band", "Q - Desire" and so forth?

    I know that "The Nymphomaniac Uncut" will probably contain some extras but again still with body doubles.

    About "50 Shades of Gray" rumors say that there will be 2 versions, one R-rated and one NC-17 that will be more extreme, but I don't really believe it will be as explicit as we hope it will.
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  2. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    50 shades of grey already seems to be a big time waster to me most likely not even going to speed view it anyway the only film that will most likely have at least a hand job is with Deborah Revy from Q Desire but it no longer appears on her imdb page and I simply cannot remember the name of the film but some of the keywords were fellatio, explicit sex, unsimulated sex act it was set I think for release at years end
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  3. mix1607

    mix1607 Member

    deborah revy is insanely hot and i will keep an eye out for that for sure.
    and from what i hear the nymphomaniac uncut has at least one real blow job scene from young jo on the train because its one continuous shot where she is sucking the guy and he finishes in her mouth
  4. HellThom

    HellThom Member

    Yes, 2014 seems a dry spell. Not much to expect from this year and the next sadly.
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  5. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    As for the Nymphomaniac, a moment before I read an article about releasing a version of this movie which is one and a half hour longer than what have been seen so far, with more explicit sex scenes. I´m curious what is gonna turn out to be ... The article literalrly says "The version is much more explicit" ...
  6. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Well I heard that about Nymphomaniac as well, what I didn't understand was how exactly is the BJ in the train gonna be different from what was already shown. It was continuous and there was "cum" dripping off her mouth, so I didn't quite understand what the difference will be. Anyone that can elaborate?
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  7. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Maybe a different angle or a more intense one with a surprise blast to the face similar to the Eileen Daly unplanned one in All About Anna 2005
  8. mix1607

    mix1607 Member

    yea from what i read you actually get to see the guy cum in her mouth which i really want to see because they have been really open about using pornstars. so i would really like to see some real explicit stuff
  9. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    well yes in the version I saw the cum in her mouth seems to me very watery though if you have nexflix both volumes was added a few weeks ago not sure if they censored it though but they are in super ultra hd :)
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2014
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  10. hoochimama

    hoochimama Active Member

    R(0)land R(e)ber's "Illusion" DVD goes on sale at the end of this month but no word as of yet on whether it contains explicit sex.

    What about that rumor of an extended edition of blue is the warmest color?
  11. mix1607

    mix1607 Member

    blue is the warmest color was so damn choreographed i would love to see the bts of those scenes in the hopes that they slipped up at least a bit
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  12. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Heck I did not even bother to view the entire 15 minute sequence because it never felt quite organic to me far too mechanized but you are right some bts definitely sounds like a plan
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  13. mix1607

    mix1607 Member

    id love another Q or 9 songs those are just plain great and all about anna was a good one too because gry bay was an actual celeb and super sexy
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  14. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Hey guys since this thread has been dead for a while, anyone knows of any upcoming movies that could be "of interest" lets say? I cannot find any information regarding explicit movies coming out in 2016 so maybe someone can share some knowledge...
  15. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    Not exactly "upcoming", since it's a few years old already, but "Jungle Love" by Sherad Anthony Sanchez should have some explicit scenes (erection, blowjob). To my knowledge it hasn't come out on any VOD services or on DVD yet (and probably won't, but you never know).

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