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18+ Angeliki Papoulia - A Blast (2014)

Discussion in 'Explicit scenes in mainstream cinema' started by Adiel, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Adiel

    Adiel Member

    Celebs Roulette Tube
  2. Uga

    Uga New Member

    Is there anything explicit in this?
  3. Bolinator

    Bolinator New Member

  4. VeryAnonym

    VeryAnonym New Member

    Well, not nothing, but nothing good. The scene where he inserts (5th picture) looks somewhat convincing but you can't really tell. In another scene, at the librabry, she watches hardcore porn and some of the scenes are explicit but low quality and nothing special.

    Pretty good sex scenes for a normal mainstream movie and worth mentioning I guess but nothing special for any us.
  5. Adiel

    Adiel Member

    nothing? a penetration can be seen and its unsimulated, it is for a short time but it is there.
  6. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Can someone try and brighten that scene? I cannot locate any penetration.
  7. Jimbo29

    Jimbo29 New Member

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