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A Thought of Ecstasy (2017)

Discussion in 'For request' started by sowbb, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    Seems the premiere is on 17.1.18 so we can expect some reviews telling us more about it.
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  2. chris.klein17

    chris.klein17 New Member

    On the website it says, the german version is only available "FSK 16". German films with that classification are usually not explicit, at most, they are softcore. There is however an international "uncut" version which is three minutes longer and rated "FSK 18". That's the german version of X-rated, also applied to hardcore porn.
    I don't think this interantional uncut version will be shown in german cinemas.
    All in all, I found rp kahl rather pretentious and overhyped. "Love" or "Nine Songs" were much bolder and properly explicit.
  3. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    He is pretentious. But we we must take what we can. Not that many legit filmmakers are prepared to have explicit sex scenes in their movies. Even in 2018. So, let's see what he has come up with this time and not prejudge.
  4. mammos

    mammos Moderator


    "The sexual scenes are certainly getting their point across. There's a mixture of BDSM, sexy dances, penetration, oral sex, sex in public, ideas of prostitution etc. Most of it is well photographed as well. It doesn't mind showing it all, but it wants to tease you with it. It's not really porn even though it's pornographic, if that makes sense. When it shows something, it's usually quick no matter how graphic it is."
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  5. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    It would be great if some of the leading actresses participated in the real sex but I think it would be the extras, the no name girls, who do the penetration etc.
  6. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Yeah this is what I'm afraid of as well...
  7. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

  8. TheChosen1

    TheChosen1 New Member

  9. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

  10. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

  11. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Well thus far its rather quite boring and pretentious however there are a few noteworthy scenes of explicit masturbation's brief handjobs penetration and the blowjobs did not really last as long as I had wanted however there is still at least 40 minutes plus to go so anything can happen I suppose Debra has not really done anything to exciting just yet but I have vital work to do so I will get back to it later perhaps
  12. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    I skimmed it to the end. I might had missed something, but AFAIK:
    1. It's fairly explicit. Not as much as 9 Songs or Love, but definitely more than average (Jesus, Bedways, ...). tdlotslv sums it up pretty well.
    2. The (female) nudity and sex was done by the main cast and not by extras (not too many extras in this film).
    3. By "main cast" I do not include mrs. Unger. She has almost no screen time and shows nothing as far as I can see. Also, are any of these actresses known or are they just one shot wonders?
    4. The main cast does appear to do the less explicit scenes themselves. "Explicit nudity" and notably a penetrative unsimulated female masturbation.
    5. As for the more explicit scenes involving M/F and F/F (oral, sex, etc.) the faces are hidden so blatantly that it is almost certain body-doubles were used.
    Am I disappointed? A bit. Could had gone a lot better. Could had gone a lot worse too.

    Just my 2 cents...
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  13. TheChosen1

    TheChosen1 New Member

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  14. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Well at least it delivered something, even if not a lot.

    Do you think this is the FSK 16 or 18 cut? There will be also a special edition release as usual given the director's previous movies.
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  15. he2000

    he2000 Active Member

    bedways >>>>>> A Thought of Ecstasy
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