18+ Xconfessions 3 from Erica Lust


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Sorry but it's not good like previuous parts,this one is more pornografy then erotic and stories are short.Classic porn and nothing more.


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this board isn't very active these days, anyway. It may not be mainstream, but it might scratch the same itch for some people, if it feels like art cinema or something mainstream...


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I easily found and downloaded the full movie on a tracker, so may Google help you!) And what concerns the movie itself I really liked it - perhaps it's the best Xconfessions so far...


Mejormejor, i think that is a bad attitude... one should simply post pornographic non-mainstream content in the 'non-mainstream' section. Most of the actresses in this movie are well-established, well-known pornstars. If one likes to imagine that it is art porn they can still do so in the non-mainstream forum (while ppl like me doesn't care about makebelieve)