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This one was a little hard to place: on the one hand it is a collection of explicit "artistic" shorts, of the kind you might find on Vimeo and the likes. On the other hand, it is a sort of performance art with similar contents posted on the "naked on stage" forum. In the end however, "arthouse porn" won because this is how the creators of this project define it.

As for the contents itself: it is a collection of porn shorts, bizarre (="artsy") and done by well established queer porn stars using weird stage names. Mostly lesbian action (including fisting!), some hetero, and thankfully no male-on-male action nor excessively extreme sex acts (=piss, blood, ...).

The real attraction here is "Toxic Shock" who some may recognize as no other than Rebecca Patek with a poorly done and unneeded boob-job (IMHO). She is an established choreographer, violinist, and performance artist with a penchant for doing all kinds of explicit acts in her performances, both projected from premade videos and live on stage - use the search function of this site to find some ;). She collaborated with AORTA films on this, but she is not a "permanent" cast member. Other than what is shown here, she collaborated in one other short with them (that I know of), but I do not have it unfortunately. As for her action, she does lesbian sex (including fisting!) and also hetero BJ and penetration.