Recommended VPN's To Use Before Downloading.


I highly recommend if you don't already have an Apple computer that comes with a native installed VPN and you don't want to have to download yet another software program then use Opera Web Browser it comes with a 100% free with no signups and very fast native VPN so you don't need to install any extensions such as Nordvpn or Ghost etc.... they're good for what they are however if you don't pay them then you get slower speeds as well as limited proxies and you might even get a time limit for however long you plan on can using it.

Optionally if you don't like Opera as a browser then you can always use Hotspot VPN or any modern smart phone comes with a native VPN as well but you'll have to use your phone as a mobile hotspot first to share your internet connection with your computer if you choose to go that route.

So what other VPN's do you guys use ? Please let us know.


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Surfshark is pretty decent, I've been using it for a couple of months since my NordVPN sub expired. It was less expensive and I find it more reliable, the Firefox extension is also pretty good.


Sorry but for what are you using VPN? Have I missed anything :D?
Hey Meyz how are you well I personally use VPNs for everything even when checking my emails because here in the US especially Cablevision which is my internet provider they always monitor your downloads or streams when using your direct connection and they send out threatening copyright warnings at least 3 warnings as well as reduce your speeds and if you have an email address set up with them they can delete your account without notice etc..... and besides I never want any website to see my actual ip address such as facebook


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This is more than likely the wrong spot to ask this but I can’t really find a decent thread. I’m fairly new to all the mega file upload stuff and cannot figure out how to use a mega link from a site to work on my app. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.