READ BEFORE POSTING: Official terminology & allowed content


Given there's a lot of confusion in terms such as "explicit" and "graphic" and posts done to inappropriate forums, I've taken the initiative to define, once and for all, the rules. I'm locking and pinning this post to keep it clean. If you want to further discuss the rules, do so in the "Off Topic" forum.


Explicit scene
Any scene that shows a sex act explicitly. By "sex act" we mean a penetration of the vagina or anus by anything: penis, dildo, finger, tongue, fist, another girl's breast or vaginal lips (aka scissoring), etc. We also include visible oral sex but only when it involves a penis or a vagina - sucking on a dildo does not count. Some rarer sex acts may also be considered under special circumstances (i.e. visible cumshots where you see the cum is real, pissing in an erotic context) but a proper warning must be given if the act is very controversial (pissing...).
Nudity that does not conforms to the above definition is not explicit! Erections, visible labia or anus, touching (but not penetrating) sex organs, grinding, menstrual blood and similar are not considered explicit!
The key here is that the scene must be shown and look convincing. While explicit usually implies unsimulated this is not always the case: sometimes good CGI or prosthetics can make a scene explicit without being real, and that's OK because it still conforms to the definition.

Unsimulated scene
Any scene in which a sex act (see definition under "Explicit scene" above) was done for real by the actors or body doubles. Only real scenes count: no CGI or prosthetics. While an unsimulated scene is usually explicit, this is not always the case: in some scenes the actors themselves confirm that they actually had sex, but it was cut during editing. These scenes still count, although valid references (interviews and similar) are needed.

Graphic scene
Any scene that shows sex or nudity that goes beyond what you would normally see on TV or in movies. Erections, visible labia or anus, touching sex organs, grinding, menstrual blood and similar belong to this category. All explicit scenes are technically graphic, but we consider them as "explicit", not as "graphic".

Non-explicit scene
Any scene that shows nudity but is neither explicit nor graphic. It needs to show at least an uncovered female nipple, arse, vagina or penis.

Fully-clothed \ lingerie \ swimming suit \ sexy scene
Any scene that doesn't show nudity. We don't do this type of scene!

Mainstream scene \ movie
A movie or scene from a movie that was intended to be watched for entertainment purposes, has a plot and was not designed solely as a "sexual aid". Some movies can be borderline mainstream or hard to define, but we tend to be forgiving for misclassifications in those cases.

Arthouse scene \ movie
A movie or scene from a movie that was intended to be watched for "artistic" or esthetic purposes, but is not necessarily entertaining. It may or may not have a plot, but it was not designed solely as a "sexual aid". Documentaries or reality shows do not count.

Arthouse porn
Basically a porn movie or scene designed to titillate (and is always explicit and unsimulated), but it tries to be closer to a mainstream or arthouse scene than to your average fapping material. In many cases it's hard to distinguish between this and an arthouse scene or a "regular" porn scene: in those cases, the governing rule is "I know it when I see it". In other words: it's a grey area, but please use discretion with this type of scene.


  • No posting of fully-clothed \ lingerie \ swimming suit \ sexy scenes.
  • No posting of regular porn scenes, neither professional nor amateur. This includes clips from pay sites such as Onlyfans.
  • No posting of criminally illegal content (underage porn scenes, animal porn scenes, ...).
  • No spamming, selling or privately trading anything.
  • No flaming, shaming, doxxing, bullying or name-calling. Please people, be civil and respectful to each other.
  • No "premium links" or pay links.
  • Requesting rules:
    • All requests must be posted on the "For request" forum.
    • Before requesting, search and see if the scene was already posted.
    • Only request movies and scenes that are either graphic, unsimulated or explicit. Non-explicit or (heaven forbids!) fully clothed scenes should be sought on other sites.
    • Requests for off-topic movies (e.g. the next Marvel movie) will not only be ignored but will also be dealt with harshly.
    • The request must contain a short description or information link specifying how explicit you think it is and references to why you think it. "It might be explicit" is not good enough! However, "here is a link to an interview with the actress that says she had sex for real" is.
    • Your request should contain as much info as possible about the requested movie: IMDB links, trailers, interviews, detailed scene descriptions, etc.
    • Be kind and respectful. People here do this as a hobby and do not get paid for their efforts. Making demands will get you ignored or even banned.
  • Posting rules:
    • Before posting a new thread, search and see if that scene or movie had already been posted. Reposts and mirrors are welcome, but we don't need to spam the board with new threads for them.
    • Each post must be done to the appropriate forum. Graphic or non-explicit scenes do not belong in the "Unsimulated & Explicit" forum!
    • While gay male explicit scenes are explicit, some members are sensitive to them. Please post those to the "Only nude male or gay themed scenes" forum.
    • If a scene contains contents that many members might find disturbing (blood, piss, violence, ...), add a warning to the body of the post.
    • Please provide some info about the posted scene: an IMDB link or something similar. A preview image would also be nice, although not mandatory.