Movies like YUNG or similar? (Teens)


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Even tho YUNG wasn't explicit (weirdly) I enjoy those types of movies. If you're not familiar with YUNG it's basically an insanely HOT girl playing a teenager who is wild and sexual. Sex for money with older men, drugs, webcam, lesbian, etc. Anyone know of any hidden gems foreign (outside US) with hot sexual teens. Perhaps teens with older men, forbidden love, wild, etc? Doesn't have to be explicit sex scenes but hot sex scenes for sure.



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Wij (2018), Kokon (2020), Get Lucky (2019), Bang Gang a Modern Love Story (2015), Little Thirteen (2012), Fucking Berlin (2016), Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse (2015), Un amour de jeunesse (2011), Métamorphoses (2014), Das Hochzeitsvideo (2012) (only nudity)
you could also check out David Hamilton movies like Tendres Cousines (1980), Bilitis (1977), ..