Explicit Latifúndio (2017)



I'm not even sure how to class this, I will leave it here for now. There's all sorts of stuff going on, either being gay, lesbian, some penetration, fingering etc. Some scenes might require brightening though.

I think I/we might have seen this again and it might be posted somewhere here, but the title search brought nothing up. Also, there are a ton of shorts in archive.org, maybe there are some gems in here, but I don't know of any way to search for the good stuff.


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Thanks for the find, it's not bad at all and I like the mix of lesbian, straight and gay scenes. It's nice, it's a change from straight-only scenes and I personally don't mind it.

In my opinion, and in a very pragmatic way, the most likely place to find explicit material is in short films and art films. Mainstream films are too skittish about it, but in artistic circles, they're much more open-minded. It's a different mentality.