Anarchy Parlor (2015)


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Anarchy Parlor (2015)
Country: Lithuania
Language: English | Lithuanian
Release Date: 12 May 2015 (Australia)
Genres: Horror
Runtime: 98 min
Directors: Devon Downs, Kenny Gage
Writers: Devon Downs, Kenny Gage
Stars: Robert LaSardo, Jordan James Smith, Anthony Del Negro

ANARCHY PARLOR is a horror film about a mysterious nomad simply known as the "Artist" who practices a dark art form passed down through the generations. He creates much more than tattoos for tourists who visit his Lithuanian Tattoo Parlor. Shot entirely on location in Vilnius Lithuania, ANARCHY PARLOR features two well-known cast members in the tattoo and horror world. Heavily tattooed lead actor Robert LaSardo (Death Race, Nip/Tuck, Human Centipede 3) portrays "The Artist", and Sara Fabel (well-known Finnish tattoo artist and model) plays his seductive apprentice "Uta". Anarchy Parlor will be a frighteningly, terrific thrill to the die-hard fans.

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