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  1. H

    Behind the scenes or " Making of "

    Hi i am very much interested to find making of or behind the scenes shooting of nude and sex scenes , could you post BTS or making of videos here to give an example . i saw a thread in which there was bts of all about anna . like that . i am eager to see making of nude /sex scenes from movies...
  2. good_guy

    Barbara Broadcast (1977) - DVD 2 (Extras and Outtakes)

    Hello ... This the 2nd DVD of Barbara Broadcast (1977) It's in DVD format (VOB) and you can play it in any player there are a few files the most important is the outtakes and the rare slideshow The actual hardcore copy is already shared here by my friend @Nochvemo here Enjoy ... MEGA Link is...
  3. A

    Shortbus 'complete' deleted scenes & Making of or Complete blue-ray rip?

    Ho, I wonder if any one has a link for the complete Shortbus blue ray (or dual blue ray ) It does not matter if it's torrent or multi file on any file hosting (except K2S and UPSTORE) Even if the files are for premium accounts only I can download it and add any missing scenes to the thread...