1. S

    Real sex Orgi on Tour (2004)

    Hello Folks im looking now for a very long time for some old DVD from a german Rapper (King Orgasmus One) i had 2 of them myself back in the days but sadly somehow i lost them over the time. So since i cant see any more options beside buying it for way to much money on ebay to try it here...
  2. good_guy

    Barbara Broadcast (1977) - DVD 2 (Extras and Outtakes)

    Hello ... This the 2nd DVD of Barbara Broadcast (1977) It's in DVD format (VOB) and you can play it in any player there are a few files the most important is the outtakes and the rare slideshow The actual hardcore copy is already shared here by my friend @Nochvemo here Enjoy ... MEGA Link is...