1. good_guy

    Barbara Broadcast (1977) - DVD 2 (Extras and Outtakes)

    Hello ... This the 2nd DVD of Barbara Broadcast (1977) It's in DVD format (VOB) and you can play it in any player there are a few files the most important is the outtakes and the rare slideshow The actual hardcore copy is already shared here by my friend @Nochvemo here Enjoy ... MEGA Link is...
  2. Nochvemo

    Porn watch Classic and paradigmatic porn movies from 70s to 2000s

    The Golden Age of Porn, or porn chic, begins in the early 1970s with American commercial pornography, which received positive attention from major movie theaters, critics, and the general public. Global hits such as Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door (1972), Devil in Miss Jones (1973) or The...