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18+ Gry Bay - All About Anna

Discussion in 'Explicit scenes in mainstream cinema' started by berserk333, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. berserk333

    berserk333 Moderator Staff Member

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  2. HellThom

    HellThom Member

    I think I read somewhere it's been confirmed that the blowjob is not Gry Bay. There is an extended version (the producer's cut) with mmore sex (incl the BJ), and if you look at the hand, there's a ring that is not on Gry's hands on the other shots. Great movie anyway.
  3. justsum

    justsum Member

    That is true but there are still allot of sex scenes including girl girl explicit sex with Gry Bay.
  4. Zechs

    Zechs Member

    Thanks !
  5. Sledge

    Sledge New Member

    This movie was totally erotic...I would have loved to see more of the goth chick tho...
  6. zune

    zune New Member

    by "goth chick" presumably you mean Ovidie ... in which case you are in luck, she was a porn star so there's plenty of her scenes out there ... she even did a B/G scene for the mainstream movie Le Pornographe (The Pornographer - 2001)
  7. Sledge

    Sledge New Member

    Thanks Zune...I will check it out...yes, Ovidie...thats her name, killer bod on her
  8. andyabhau

    andyabhau New Member

    thanks!! I saw this entire film once! mindless eroticism!! works best that way though! :p
  9. calwyn

    calwyn New Member

    does anyone have the deleted scenes from this movie?
  10. berserk333

    berserk333 Moderator Staff Member

    Which deleted scenes? Do you know what's in them?
  11. jollybob

    jollybob New Member

  12. justsum

    justsum Member

    Hmm... I have an explicit vr but these scenes have just a bit more
    Thanks Jolybob
  13. berserk333

    berserk333 Moderator Staff Member

    Thats weird since this is from the director's and producer's cut, but I did edit it down a bit for myself.
  14. Zechs

    Zechs Member

    Thanks !
  15. pizzo

    pizzo New Member

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